Jon Dickson
What can be said about Fallen rider Jon Dickson other than he is a straight up wild man-imal in the streets, tearing rails apart limb from limb without mercy. Dickson has a casual attack that makes for some super relaxed ripping that's fun to watch. Jon's got a solid work ethic too because there's a lot of underground-style ripping online of him if you go search around. Hometown: Antioch IL, Stance: Goofy, Age: 24 Sponsors: Deathwish, Fallen, Altamont, OJ Wheels, Active Ride Shop, Shake Junt


OJ Wheels: Cruising With Jon Dickson
Fallen Team Rider Jon Dickson tears it up while cruising around Long Beach, In this clip from OJ Wheels.
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Fallen Road Less Traveled: Turkey
Fallen Road Less Traveled Istanbul, Turkey Full Part now live on for 2 days only.
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TWS Afternoon In The Park: Fallen Footwear
Most of the Fallen team came through and ripped up the TWS park including Jamie Thomas, Tommy Sandoval, Brian Hansen, Jon Dickson, Josh Harmony, and more. Get ready for Road Less Traveled premiering on on Monday!